Starting Again

I’ve neglected The Purple Teapot and the friends I’ve made online, and for what?

Honestly, the last 3 months haven’t been great, and I’m tired of the bullshit of job search that isn’t taking me anywhere. It’s always something; if it’s not being ignored by employers, it’s a pathetic salary for a job that I don’t even think I enjoy that much. What I have enjoyed from my last two positions is the experience, but nothing can compare to creating content. I’ve been creating content since I was 16, and I remember the first piece of content I did was a shitty radio station clip for my GCSE Media studies class; ever since then, I’ve been creating. But I’ve been having real creators block for the past year because I’ve been working and volunteering. But I’m done for now working for other people. I’m returning to Youtube as soon as possible, and I won’t let anything stop me this time. I’m tired of getting rejected for entry-level jobs despite having the experience. I want to create, so this is my formal announcement that I’m starting over, fuck the marketing career I thought I wanted so bad.

I want to create content and help other content creators use the tool I’ve used in the past to market their art. I want to make content not just for YouTube but this website, possibly even get some collaborators too. I want to talk about TV and Film online again as more than just a viewer but a reviewer. I mean, the one time I got an A* was during that media studies exam where I had to analyse a movie. Film and TV have always been something that I’ve loved, and I want to see where this takes me.

If you’re reading this and want to collaborate with me, please don’t hesitate to reach out on Twitter or Instagram. I loved the community created due to THAT show, and I hope to be part of a Community of creators and viewers who want to share their love of other TV shows and Films.

I want to thank everyone for their support over the past few years, and I hope you will continue supporting me as I grow my online presence.

Thanks, Kay, your favourite teapot

And everyone, go watch Rye Lane and Stream Coco Jones -ICU

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