Queen Charlotte S1 Review

I want to start by apologising for my grammar; I’m still used to writing blogs. But let’s get into it.

Queen Charlotte, what a series, and I thought they couldn’t top Season 2 of Bridgerton. Shonda has me thinking maybe I should let the spirit of Tamera take over and try white men. But then I come back to earth and think about how some British men really are. Fine as hell, but there’s always something.

 I need Shonda to stop creating characters that make my expectations of a partner higher. This show made me ponder the expectations I have for myself. Long-term relationships haven’t really been my thing. However, Queen Charlotte taught me about fighting for the relationship I want, not taking shit from anyone but still being understanding and learning to love the good times and get through the bad times. You can be in a relationship but not be putting in the work, and thinking back, I think that’s what all my short-lived relationships lacked, my presence. Fiction is going to be the end of me. But less about me. 

Lady Danbury, what a saint. The woman has been through it all while still maintaining being that bad bitch that she is. I’d like to thank Lord Ledger for helping her figure out she was a bad bitch cause Lord Danbury was something? I want a flashback to her parents so I can visualise the people I need to hate on cause 3? You promised your 3 year old to a grown ass man, and you thought that was cool? I don’t care about the period; that’s weird as fuck. No one else on this show has promised their toddler to a grown man. And then, when they were married, he was a selfish lover; you’d think he would know a thing or two cause he was that old, but instead, he was out here reminding me of those (not all) Jamaican men I’ve met who are so against eating front. Like, what the fuck? And don’t come for me. I’m Jamaican and have met these men I speak about. Let me not talk so much about them cause Fuck Lord Danbury and his dentures. I think we all l knew how this man would die when we saw this old man and heard Lady Danbury express how horny he was. At least he died doing what he loved, having sex only to fulfil his needs. Lady Danbury deserves a medal for all that she put up with. Her decision to stay single was one that I support wholeheartedly. She really turned down that fine-ass man; I was for it cause how are you gonna sign a marriage contract for a man you haven’t met just because he’s king. But I guess I’m pushing my modern ideas on a period drama. I would Like to see Lady Danbury maybe have a love interest in Bridgerton, someone who can tend her garden.

Now, Violet Ledger, I want to see more of her backstory, hopefully, next season. I’m sorry, sis, but your new best friend had her first sexual awakening with your dad, and I’m pissed for you but happy for her. And next season, now that you figured it out, I need you not to start fighting with Lady Danbury cause how do you tell someone 30+ years later when you weren’t friends because she was a child that you had the best sex of your life with her father while he and your mother was unhappily married? I’m sorry, but I know Violet knows that her racist, classist mother deserved everything that came to her, and I don’t usually side with cheaters, but her mother was a piece of work. I know she was pissed that she never got to host the first ball of the season, if she got to host any at all. I’m not sure if they’ve said it, but I would like to know on the current Bridgerton timeline is Vivian alive? And if so, where is she? Her great-grandkids are a thing of her nightmares, but at the same time, her grandkids are the only people in The Ton who are marrying for love, and that’s what sets the Bridgertons aside from the rest of society, minus George and Charlotte. I read or watched something where someone said Violet pushes for her children to marry for love because of what she saw happen with her own parents, and that also pushed her to find love in Edmund. I love how Violet is so much like Eloise; Queen Charlotte helped give her an extra depth that makes me see the Bridgerton family differently. I hope next season, we get to see her and Edmund and see how that relationship started.

Okay, Brimsley. He was the last person I thought we’d ever get a backstory from, but it was a happy surprise. He has more depth than being Queen Charlotte’s royal attendant. I think Brimsley and Reynolds’s relationship almost reflects the relationship between Charlotte and George. I want to see or learn more about their relationship, like where is Reynolds now? I’m happy that in a lonely role, Brimsley could experience love. I was back and forth on whether I liked Reynolds because he stood by for way too long when it came to George, but he got back in my good graces. His role was probably even lonelier than Brimsley’s, which may be why he’s not a Royal Attendant anymore. This story also gave him depth I don’t think we thought he would need, but nevertheless, we got it, and I enjoyed them. Queen Charlotte answered many questions some may have had about Brimsely. It also answered the question of if there were people with LGBTQ+ identities in this universe. I think their answering yes to this may be a spoiler as to which direction the awaited Benedict season will go. 

Now let’s talk about Lottie and Famer George. I thought they couldn’t beat Anthony and Kate, but here we are and damn. After this, I want to go out there and find someone I can hide from the heavens with. Those first two episodes had me as confused as Charlotte. I was so confused; I had to wonder if this man was cheating or something cause I’m used to back to back sex scenes after couples in the ton get married, but instead, I had to watch Lord Danbury have sex. Less about that wasteman. The only good thing about him was the title cause; besides that, he was good for nothing. But let’s really talk about George and Charlotte; I think this show gave us a different perspective cause if you watched the last season of Bridgerton, you’d think that she was embarrassed or just didn’t love him, but having watched everything that King George did to try and get better, but eventually made things worse you realise that, that scene where he walks in after Edwina and Anthony’s failed wedding and Charlotte stays almost frozen cause she doesn’t know what to do also because this seemed like this was the first time this had happened while Queen Charlotte had company. At the start of the season, we even see her waiting on the news that he’s dead; it’s almost like she’s waiting on that relief that she knows both she and George will get when he dies. She loves him enough to know that death would end George’s suffering with his declining mental health; I know she’s tried everything to get her George back, and now there are more bad days than good. George didn’t want her to fall in love with him because of the issues with his mental health, but she did because he was so loveable and intelligent and surprised her not to be like most royalty. He was willing to be on the brink of death at the hands of that “doctor” so he could be well. I love how this show handled the intertwining of love and the toll that mental health struggles have on relationships. You can see in the back and forth between past and present day Bridgerton the love that Charlotte and George share, and although it’s fictional, I take notes on their relationship. George is truly a man written by women; I guess all the best guys are.

 I think the song that goes well with this series is Kiana Ledé – One of Them Days.

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